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Towards A Cleaner Planet

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The world has entered a period of significant changes regarding the future of energy generation, mainly caused by the apparent exhaustion of hyd- carbons in the near future, and the Greenhouse gases (GHG) effect of alt- ing the climate worldwide. Mexico, as a developing country, and as the eleventh-most populated nation with the thirteenth-largest territory, and as the owner of important oil production resources, is a good example of a State needing to improve and increase its energy generation. A concerted action amongst the e- nomic sectors involved both governmental and industrial could dras- cally improve the present situation regarding the development of its alt- native energy resources. The main motivation for organizing the German-Mexican Symposium 2006 Energy for the future: towards a cleaner planet, was to get a global perspective for changing the present energy-mix in Mexico, currently based on fossil fuels, towards cleaner energy resources. To achieve this, a wide range of relevant topics must be analysed, such as the state of the art of each energy type, their potential use and benefits, social, economic, - litical and environmental aspects, and their inclusion as a real alternative to energy generation programs. It will take time for every country to reduce its dependence on hydrocarbons and to increase its alternative energies share."

Professional Management Of Housekeeping Operations 5e

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Now in its fifth edition, <b><i>Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations</i></b> is the essential practical introduction to the field, a complete course ranging from key principles of management to budgeting, from staff scheduling to cleaning. With expanded attention to leadership and training, budgeting and cost control, and the increasingly vital responsibility for environmentally safe cleaning, the latest edition of this industry standard also includes new case studies that help readers grasp concepts in a real-world setting. <p> Instructor&#8217;s Manual, Test Bank in both Word and Respondus formats, Photographs from the text, and PowerPoint Slides are available for download at www.wiley.com/college <p> <p> <p>

Green Cleaner

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You can clean nearly everything in an environmentally friendly way. The Green Cleaner offers simple, effective and cheap cleaning alternatives for a safer and healthier home. This book offers cleaning alternatives for a multitude of situations - removing stains from clothes, cleaning kitchen equipment, cleaning various floor surfaces, polishing furniture and jewellery, washing walls and windows, maintaining personal hygiene, repelling insect and pests and eliminating odours. By using these alternatives, in most cases not only will you be helping the environment, you'll also save yourself some money.


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Packing Moving Moving House House Cleaner
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Packing Moving Moving House House Cleaner
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