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A House Without Mirrors

RRP $22.99

New b-format edition of this moving ghost story, whose author won the 2015 Astrid Lindgren Prize Thomasine has spent months living in her great-great aunt's dusty, dark house with her father, and her aunt, uncle and cousins. While her father's siblings bicker about how much the house must be worth, her distant, elderly aunt is upstairs, dying, and her father has disappeared inside himself, still mourning the death of Thomasine's little brother. But one day, her youngest cousin makes a discovery: a wardrobe, filled with all the mirrors missing from the big house. And through the mirrors, a different world - one in which you can find not what you most wish for, but perhaps what you most need...A beautiful tale of love, grief and growing up, A House Without Mirrors is an unforgettable adventure into families and the power of love. 'Hauntingly beautiful...Reminiscent of an old-fashioned classic story with many similarities toTom's Midnight Garden in theme, this novel cannot fail to be uplifting' Outside in World 'Perhaps one of the most beautiful books I have read this year' The Book Wars 'There is plenty to hold young readers' attention in the children themselves, their convincing interplay with the adult and the general air of mystery' Books for Keeps 'Not one to be missed. ..Fantastic' Transatlantic Bibliophilia 'A classic story that has it all' Dagens Nyheter MARTEN SANDEN is one of Sweden's bestselling children's writers. Originally a songwriter, he has written more than 30 books, ranging from picture books to YA novels, series and standalone titles. In 2015 he was awarded the Astrid Lindgren Prize for his life's work. Moa Schulman has one foot in a world of images and another in text; she studied literature and linguistics at Stockholm University, and illustration and graphic design at Konstfack. She designs for print, illustrates for children, and publishes books under her own Dockhaven imprint.

Don't Go Into That House!

RRP $18.99

In the city; Detective Michael Glass is not a nice guy but he's hoping to change that by leaving the grit and grime of the city and moving into a house in the country. He also has taken custody of his deceased sister's two teenage daughters hoping to give them time to adjust to their loss. He is keenly aware this is a second chance for he and the girls. But what he doesn't realize is that a nightmare is about to be unleashed and he is the only one who can stop it! In the country; The Watcher has been waiting nineteen years for the breach to occur again in the old farmhouse. And now the time is at hand. The battle between good and evil, light and darkness, is beginning!

Lacey's House

RRP $23.99

Winner of the 2012 Luke Bitmead Bursary 'A moving, sensitively written novel by a writer who has a magical way with words.' --Maureen Lee 'Authentic and intensely heartfelt...There is something in this novel for every woman.' --Ruth Dugdall Lacey Carmichael leads a solitary life. To her neighbours she is the mad old woman who lives at the end of the lane, crazy but harmless. Until she is arrested on suspicion of murder. When Rachel Moore arrives in the village, escaping her own demons, the two women form an unlikely bond. Unravelling in each other tales of loss and heartache, they become friends. Rachel sees beyond the rumours, believing in her innocence, but as details of Lacey's life are revealed, Rachel is left questioning where the truth really lies. Prize-winning poignant novel about love and loss. Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes, Katie Fforde and Jill Mansell

We’re Moving?!

RRP $16.99

Twelve-year-old Shari Tucker isn't the happiest girl on the planet. She doesn't have many friends, has no brothers or sisters to play with, and is pretty lonely. But then something strange happens: a cute boy, Robby, actually asks if he can hang out with her!

But that's just the beginning. After Robby talks to her, Shari suddenly gains a new best friend in Holly, and more than one boy starts talking to her. Suddenly, she's something she always wanted to be: popular! But then, she is invited to a nerdy girl's birthday party, a move that really doesn't work well for her new popular-girl image. Shari reluctantly goes-and then comes up with the idea to pretend to sprain her ankle so she can go home.

Once at home, though, she receives the shock of her life: her family is moving! Her parents secretly adopted a baby girl but accidentally got one from Spain, and their doctor advises the entire family to move to Spain to help the baby adjust.

Shari thinks this whole baby thing is pretty suspicious. With the help of her new friends, Shari determines to discover the truth about her new baby sister.

Lighthouses Of Florida

RRP $19.95

From Amelia Island to Key West, readers will discover dozens of historic and picturesque lighthouses dotting the coasts of the Sunshine State with this delightful little guide. It offers not only history and travel information but also a beautiful full-color souvenir of the state. Profiles of each lighthouse include history, a detailed description of the structure, complete practical information for travelers, and at least one color photograph. From the most highly respected source of lighthouse books.


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